Human Resources

Here's what we can help you with:

  1. Training Strategy: We can help you design training courses for your employees - whether you want these to be in-house, out-of-office or online. We can also help you focused decide which areas you need to focus your training on and how best to deliver these training sessions. We can help prepare your members of staff to improve their public speaking skills in case you might want to invite them to deliver your training.
  2. Coaching & Mentoring: We can help more senior members of staff identify areas which they would like to or need to improve and we can help them focus on themselves to be able to manage their teams better. Very often, the areas we work on during these sessions include Time Management, Assertiveness, Team-Building, Conflict Resolution, and Motivation among others.
  3. Company Audit & Employee Surveys: During company audits and surveys we evaluate the company inside out to identify areas where there is room for improvement in operations and processes. We see to it that by the time we leave your premises, once the project is terminated, your company is operating efficiently and effectively.
  4. Performance Management: We can help you set up a performance appraisal system or even review the one you currently have to see if there is room for improvement.