Cybersift attends the Malta Chapter of the ISACA Conference


On Tuesday the 22nd May Cybersift joined another 200 or so representatives from various local and international organisations, all of which had a particular interest in IT and Information Systems, for the Malta Chapter of the ISACA Conference.

During the day we had the opportunity to sit down with the CEO of Cybersift, Brian Zarb Adami to talk about this event, but more specifically about the cyber threats that all companies are faced with, whether they are aware of this or not. As Brian mentioned during this interview, anyone who has any form of client or patient data stored in a computer is at risk and should definitely think about getting this issue sorted.

Data breaches nowadays do not necessarily have to come in the form of a professional hacker hidden away in a dark room encrypting or decrypting complex code. It could very well be a disgruntled employee, or simply someone who knows a little bit about computers and IT.

Here's the full interview with Brian.

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