Let's help a little boy get a much-needed service dog!


Today's blog post is a plea for help....on behalf of a little boy who unfortunately suffers from diabetes and needs a service dog to help him lead a better and more independent life.

We are working with Robert Spiteri, a renowned dog trainer from the Service Dogs Malta Foundation on this project. Speaking about this situation Robert told us that, "we are currently training a dog for this boy, however, the current dog will not pass the training programme, which is why we need to find a new one. It would make things much smoother, especially for the little boy, if we can have the new dog before we stop the current one."

Robert told us that he has already found a dog to replace the current one (new dog is the beauty in the image above). He is 7 months old and currently in Sicily...and this is where the issue is. This puppy costs 1500 Euro! 

As you can imagine these dogs have to be specifically bred for their drive, which is what makes them "trainable" and eventually, once the programme is finished, good service dogs.

When it comes to service dogs, their training programmes are very thorough and intense, not to mention expensive. In this specific case, the dog will be trained to detect diabetic attacks in the boy, which would in turn mean that the boy can lead a more independent life. 

What do we need?

We need a kind soul who can sponsor 1500 Euro so that this dog can come to Malta and start living with the boy, and start training immediately. Once the dog is in Malta, Robert will be training the dog for diabetic alert.

Speaking of the next steps, Robert told us that, "Once we get the money I'll go over to Sicily myself to get the dog, bring him down to Malta, and take him to the kid's house so the two can immediately start living together. At that point I will start training without waiting any further."

If any company / kind-hearted soul is willing to sponsor the 1500 Euro which are necessary to bring this puppy over to Malta to start training, rest assured that you will not only be doing a good deed. You will be saving the boy's life!

Please contact Robert directly on +36 99 442 426 if you are interested in helping out.

Thanks in advance!!