Where did the idea for BaiLogik come from?

As time passed, and as we gained more online experience, as well as further experience in business strategy, social media management, marketing and advertising, we started to notice that there are many companies who seek to sell their product or service online, using social media, but they are, unfortunately, not doing it right.

More often than not, simply having an online presence and a few Facebook or Instagram posts about what you offer, is not enough. You need to know which social media platforms are ideal for specific target markets and audiences. You need to know which content to post, and how to present it. You need to know how the "About" section for the different social media platforms that your business uses, has to, sometimes, vary from one platform to the other.

All this might sound confusing, or too time-consuming, which is when some companies tend to give up and just continue doing things the way they used to because they believe that "some kind of presence is better than no presence at all". And that, is very often, an even bigger mistake!

So, one fine day, during one of our trips, we started brainstorming ideas on how we can help these people and companies, and as the weeks rolled by, the idea started to make more sense, the feedback we got was truly encouraging so we decided it was time for us to embark on our another business venture together...and that's how BaiLogik was born.

Eventually, as business tend to do, we continued to evolve. As we spoke to more clients and audited more companies we started to identify ways in which we can use our experience in Marketing and Business Strategy to help our clients develop their own companies and communicate their own messages - be it to their members of staff, clients and partners to mention a few.

The bottom line is...

If you are feeling lost or overwhelmed by how to improve your online visibility, your business strategy or your company message...fret no more! WE CAN HELP YOU! We can create the right social media platforms for your business, help you create and communicate your message, update or populate your existing platforms, create the right kind of content for your website, while using the right tone of voice to represent who you are and who you want to be perceived as.

In short, we can simply be your Fairy Godmothers :)

Curious Fact:

BaiLogik can have all of the following meanings, which is why we chose it as the name of our project:

  • By Logic = as in we do things logically so that they are clear and structured
  • Biological = which represents our original relationship (thanks to our parents!)
  • Bi-logic = as in, there are two logical brains at the helm of this company