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Team - Building

It's time for you and your employees to get off your office chairs and do something fun together which involves some light yet competitive physical activity. We can organise a fun day out of the office for you and your members of staff together with our partners The Club Fitness Centre. Here's what we can do.

  1. Sports Day: Think of when we were young kids at school competing in friendly races and fun activities. This day promises to bring back those childhood memories.
  2. Trekking: If you prefer to get off the beaten track and spend the day trekking and relaxing in nature, we can also get that organised. We even throw in some fresh fruit and drinks into the package to make sure that you stay hydrated and vitamined-up!
  3. Explore Malta and Gozo: This activity is ideal for those companies that mainly consist of non-locals who haven't had the time to get to know our islands yet. You can choose from fun weekend breaks, adventures along the island's coast, sailing adventures at dream it, we make it real.
  4. Well-being Talks: From time to time you might want to give your employees the chance to relax a bit by focusing on something that is not directly work-related, but which impacts their working life greatly. We can offer you a series of 2-hour workshops and discussions on a wide array of topics related to the theme of well-being. 

HR - Human Resources

If you have never had an HR department but would like to have one, you might want to consider outsourcing your HR to us for a fraction of the cost you would need to incur if you had to recruit a full time member. We can take care of everything for you. Together with our partners GABS we can help you with the following areas.

  1. Training Strategy: We can help you design training courses for your employees - whether you want these to be in-house, out-of-office or online. We can also help you focused decide which areas you need to focus your training on and how best to deliver these training sessions. We can help prepare your members of staff to improve their public speaking skills in case you might want to invite them to deliver your training.
  2. Coaching & Mentoring: We can help more senior members of staff identify areas which they would like to or need to improve and we can help them focus on themselves to be able to manage their teams better. Very often, the areas we work on during these sessions include Time Management, Assertiveness, Team-Building, Conflict Resolution, and Motivation among others.
  3. Company Audit & Employee Surveys: During company audits and surveys we evaluate the company inside out to identify areas where there is room for improvement in operations and processes. We see to it that by the time we leave your premises, once the project is terminated, your company is operating efficiently and effectively.
  4. Performance Management: We can help you set up a performance appraisal system or even review the one you currently have to see if there is room for improvement.


Be it writing a business plan, organising your social media, identifying the best marketing plan for your business, or even exploring new opportunities and improving your brand image....we can help you. And we can do all that for a fraction of what you would have to pay a full-time Marketing Executive.

At BaiLogik we can take care of all your Marketing needs; whether we are talking about Digital or Traditional Marketing. Together with you and your team we explore your options, look at potential courses of action, provide consultation on where it might be optimal for you to have a presence and be visible (be it online or offline), connect you with the right people and help build your network of contacts.

While doing all of this, we will also train your members of staff to become more efficient in areas such as social media management and content creation, so that eventually your team will be able to handle the day-to-day Marketing needs of your company without you having to hire more people.