Face-to-Face Team Building Activities

for companies in Malta and Gozo!

It's time for you and your employees to get off your office chairs and do something fun together. 

Office Gladiators Unite: Think of when we were young kids at school competing in friendly races and fun activities. This day promises to bring back those childhood memories, and get you and your team off your office chair for a fun 4 hours together.

Trekking: If you prefer to get off the beaten track and spend the day trekking and relaxing in nature, we can also get that organised. We even throw in some fresh fruit and drinks into the package to make sure that you stay hydrated and vitamined-up! 

Beach Clean ups in Malta and Gozo: This activity is ideal for those companies who are interested in helping the environment while spending some quality time together on the lovely Maltese coastline.

Well-being Talks: Allow your employees to relax by focusing on something that is not directly work-related, but which impacts their working life greatly. We can offer you a series of workshops and discussions on a wide array of topics related to the theme of well-being.