Face-to-Face Team Building Activities

for companies in Malta and Gozo!

It's time for you and your employees to get off your office chairs and do something fun together. 

Sports Day: Think of when we were young kids at school competing in friendly races and fun activities. This day promises to bring back those childhood memories.

Trekking: If you prefer to get off the beaten track and spend the day trekking and relaxing in nature, we can also get that organised. We even throw in some fresh fruit and drinks into the package to make sure that you stay hydrated and vitamined-up! 

Explore Malta and Gozo: This activity is ideal for those companies that mainly consist of non-locals who haven't had the time to get to know our islands yet. You can choose from fun weekend breaks, adventures along the island's coast, sailing adventures at sea....you dream it, we make it real.

Well-being Talks: Allow your employees to relax by focusing on something that is not directly work-related, but which impacts their working life greatly. We can offer you a series of workshops and discussions on a wide array of topics related to the theme of well-being.

Virtual  and Hybrid Team Building Activities

Virtual Pub Quiz

Participants are divided into teams for a pub quiz. This can be done face-to-face or even as a hybrid team-building event. We will decide the number of rounds and topics with you so the questions are more engaging for your employees.

Online / Hybrid Workout

Who doesn't love a casual attire day at work? This 30-minute workout can be done online or as a hybrid event at your workplace. All that is needed is a little bit of free space; no equipment. This activity can be followed/preceded by any of our other activities too. 

International Cooking Night

This activity is ideally done with multinational groups and with a group of not more than 10 - 12 participants. Each participant prepares a traditional dish of his / her country. The idea is to find out more about each other's culture and as a result, create better understanding amongst the team. 

World-End Challenge

We present a newspaper title that shows that the human race is coming to an end. Participants are given 12 profiles and they are told that only 9 can be transported to a safe place where they will not be affected by this disaster. The participants need to engage in a debate and agree on who to save.

Tiny Campfire

The experience will start with each participant roasting marshmallows over a tealight candle, to create the campfire feeling. This activity includes participants telling haunted historic ghost stories (especially ones which are related to their particular country). The fun thing about this campfire? No mosquito repellent will be needed. 

Virtual Charades

Participants are divided into teams and each team has to play 3 matches: Movies, Songs, and Books. In this activity, participants will have to mime the title of a song, book, or movie to the rest of his / her team members. If the team members guess, they get a point. Sometimes childhood games remain as exciting for adults! 

Show & Tell

This activity requires participants to take a short video of themselves at home, showcasing their favourite places in the house, the room from which they work or objects such as books or paintings which they want to share. This can then take various turns, depending on the participants and the activity you prefer. 

Desert Island

Group members are given a scenario where they're stranded on a deserted island with seven random objects - but they can only keep three. The participants will be split into small groups which will break out into private chats/calls. The whole group gets together again, to discuss their choices.

Two Truths and a Lie

Participants present three statements about themselves - 2 are true and 1 is false. The other participants have to guess which statements are true and which are false. There will be a point system to determine the winner. This can also be used as an ice-breaking activity, combined with any of our other activities.

Steps Challenge

We all spend a lot of time sitting down during our day. Why not combine working from home with a steps challenge to encourage people to get off their chairs from time to time. We send daily motivators by email and we ask participants to send us a daily update of their step count.