5 Best Practices for Cross-Platform Social Media Marketing


Cross-platform social media marketing demands a well-crafted strategy that considers the unique traits of each platform, while still maintaining a consistent brand presence. To help you navigate this landscape more effectively, here are our thoughts on the five best practices for marketing across different social media platforms.

1. Understand your audience

Different platforms attract diverse demographics, so understanding the preferences, interests, and behaviours of your target audience on each platform is key. Conduct in-depth research to identify the platforms most frequented by your audience, and adapt your content strategy accordingly.

2. Tailor content for each platform

Steer away from the one-size-fits-all approach when creating content for various social media platforms. Instead, tailor your messages to suit their unique characteristics.

Facebook and Instagram

Emphasise visually-appealing content, such as images and videos that evoke emotions and spark engagement.


Keep your messages concise and use relevant hashtags to expand your reach.


Focus on professional and industry-specific content that really showcases your expertise.


Create a mixture of high-quality, long and short-form videos that provide value to your audience.


Capitalise on trends with short, engaging videos to captivate younger audiences.

3. Maintain consistent branding

Ensure your brand identity remains consistent across all platforms. Do this by always using the same brand colours, logo, and tone of voice. Consistency like this builds brand recognition and trust, making it easier for your audience to identify your brand, no matter the platform they are on.

4. Optimise posting times

Timing plays a crucial role in social media success. Use analytics and insights to determine when your audience is most active and schedule your posts accordingly to ensure maximum visibility and engagement.

5. Engage actively

Remember to consistently engage with your audience by responding to comments, messages and mentions promptly. This will encourage a sense of community around your brand and ultimately ensure more customer satisfaction.

Article written by: Stephanie Clark