And the Winner is....


We launched our "Select your Animal Entity" campaign exactly one week ago. You had one week during which to vote by commenting or leaving positive feedback (we only counted the positive feedback as votes)...and you did....176 times to be exact.

Each day we posted updates on our post on the Rubs Puppy Love page to keep you up to date with how the voting was going...and now, after one week, we have a clear winner.

We are pleased to announce that the winners of the 6-month sponsorship that BaiLogik is offering are The Island Sanctuary. Throughout this week we have received lots of comments that they should be the ones to get this sponsorship since right now they are also in the process of collecting funds for the animal incinerator, which, we were pleased to see, even other animal entities have been supporting. 

The other standings are published on the photo accompanying this blog post.

What will happen from now?

The next step is that today we will contact the Island Sanctuary to inform them about the face that they have won this. Then, we will make an appointment with them to go to their premises so that we review their social media pages and see how they are currently using them, and start giving tips on how they can use them better in order to engage more people online.

We can all start helping now!

In the meantime, as you all know, The Island Sanctuary needs us all right now. They need us to raise funds for something which is eventually going to make parting with our furry babies that teeny bit more let's start investing in that now by simply clicking this link and placing your donation for the incinerator. The link takes you directly to the Island Sanctuary's bank account. 


We want to make it clear that we shall not be collecting any donations on behalf of anyone, but simply directing more online traffic to the entity's own page.