Boost your Instagram Content Game


Instagram is an integral part of any social media marketing campaign, with over 50% of the Maltese population using this platform, the majority of these users being between the age of 25 and 34. Additionally, around 70% of Instagram users report making purchase decisions based on something they saw on Instagram. If you don't want to miss out, here's how you can boost your Instagram Content Game:

Create a Style Guide

Instagram is a visual app, so the look and feel of your page are a top priority. Find a style that reflects your company. You can either set a corporate colour scheme that will be synonymous with your brand, or you could choose a particular way you edit photos and stick to it as it helps your brand become more recognizable.

Use a Content Calendar

Planning is very important when it comes to content; consistency is key, but remembering to post often isn't always easy and getting content ideas is not something you can always do on the fly. The ability to plan and schedule your posts ahead of time ensures that you can keep up. Set aside time that's dedicated to content creation, prepare content a week or a month ahead and this results in consistent, on-brand, and engaging posts.

Find the Best Time to Post

Instagram provides business with a great tool; use the insights space on your business profile to get a clue of all the statistics that pertain to your profile and posts. This tool not only allows you to find out demographics on your followers, but it also shows you when your followers are most active online; make sure you post at those times.

Post Stories

Once you have everything set up, make sure to make use of Instagram stories to promote that content further. Use interactive features to create even more engagement with your customers; use the vote, quiz or question/answer buttons. These interactive elements not only allow you to get to know your audience, but this gives you great insight into what your followers like. Having trouble coming up with content? The create feature on Instagram stories is a great way to share new content without having to take photos or video. Use fun GIPHY's, create lists and other fun content that engages with your audience.

Get creative with Instagram Reels

Instagram reels allow users to create and post 15 seconds to 1 minute videos set to music or other audio. Reels quickly gained a lot of attention and many brands have been using them to amp up their Instagram game. Reels can be seen by people who don't follow you yet and this helps you gain better audience engagement, greater brand awareness, and hold the potential to make you even go viral on the platform.

If you're still not sure on how to get your Instagram campaign going, reach out to us on and we can discuss what your needs and aspirations are.