Boost your Instagram Following


Instagram is always on the rise and more and more users are flocking to this app in order to make more informed buying decisions, so being on this platform is becoming essential for companies nowadays. With a highly competitive Maltese market, it is essential for your company to be present on this platform as it lets users see what you have to offer, while also giving them a chance to have an inside view of your company; this more humanized approach is resonating with customers nowadays. Here are some tips on increasing followers to your Instagram account in this competitive market.

Allow for Content from Outside Contributors

While this may sound like a risky, 'too many cooks spoil the broth', situation; it may be more positive than you think. Having one or two people running your Instagram account is the ideal, as they can communicate better and make sure that posts are dished out regularly, but can these two people be everywhere at once? If the company has multiple events at one go, a company dinner or business meeting you want to commemorate all these events and add them as content to your Instagram; this is what people want to see. So why not set up an email address or a file sharing account, where all your employees can share their company related videos and photos, then the people in charge of your social media can then decide what gets shared and what doesn't.

See what's Trending

Social media is ever growing and there's always a new trend emerging, Instagram is known for keeping abreast with all these trends and they do add different content sharing options and functions over time, don't be afraid to try them. One such example are Instagram reels, ever since the emergence of TikTok, short videos have become a big hit and Instagram wasted no time in creating its own version. In fact, currently short form videos are proven to be the most effective content format in marketing.

Engage with your Followers

Simply creating content and posting is good, but engaging with your followers through likes, follows and comments can give you that extra advantage. Finding other people's content that relates to your company, liking it and sharing it is a great way to draw attention to your own Instagram account. As you build a following, celebrate your followers by responding to and pinning their comments, and even reposting their posts for user-generated content.

Partner up and Cross Promote

You can either go for influencers or other companies that are similar to yours but not direct competitors, find companies in the industry who you have a rapport with and collaborate with them. Cross Promotion allows you to double your reach, as your followers are not necessarily the same as your partners, giving you the chance of gaining more followers.

Tag Relevant Users

Another way of increasing followers is by tagging, always make sure to tag (when you can) the people in your photos, your posts will then show up in that person's tagged posts, and anyone who looks through there will find your page. Don't limit yourselves to people, you can also tag companies or events that are relevant to the photo.

While an increase in numbers is good on Instagram, always make sure that your first priority is great content that is informative and gives your followers insight on what you are really about. Never compromise on content quality.