Creating a Social Media Content Calendar - Part 1


Having a go at the ever-rising Social Media Marketing is not as easy as one usually thinks. There is a whole process one has to go through, in order to make their mark, especially with the amount of competition out there. But there is a secret to getting ahead of the Maltese social media market and that is... Planning. Like any other aspect in business, planning gives you structure and an easier way forward. 

Here is how you should go about planning your content:


Your first step when tackling social media is to analyze all your current channels; each platform or network has a different reach and use. Analyse the audience, identify your targets and set goals for each of them.


While you are going through this process, you should also decide on which platforms are for you and which aren't. You do not necessarily need to be on each and every platform, just the right ones. Go for those channels that are consistent with your target market.


Once channels are chosen and goals are set it is time to start working on a rough plan of what your content should be. Based on your target audience, you can make a broad list of what your content categories should include. The list does not have to be specific at this stage, but it will give you an idea of the direction your social media marketing plan will be headed.


Most social channels have their own planners. However, if you are running campaigns on different channels, you could consider going for scheduling software with which you can manage everything from posts to messages and data collection.

Stay tuned for our next blog on content planning as we focus more on the content side of things. In the meantime should you need any further help on the subject get in touch on ; we can help you!