Facebook Marketing in Malta & Engagement


Facebook Marketing in Malta has been and remains a huge tool in everyone's marketing strategy on the island. Don't just take our word for it! If you look at We Are Social's yearly report you can easily notice how Facebook tops all other social channels in terms of reaching an audience. This is why we are focusing this, as well as other future blogs, on how best to use Facebook for marketing your business in Malta and Gozo.

Starting from Content...

When it comes to content, it's no longer enough to just post an image every now and then. It's also not good enough if you post any piece of content without including text that is interesting and engaging for your target audience. So, what content should you post? Simple! A mixture of images, videos, live broadcasts and stories, together with an interesting caption that catches people's interest. Whether you want to market a service or product in Malta, we can assure you that you can always create interesting content to keep your Facebook marketing alive.

Moving on to Timing...

There's no secret formula for this. It all depends on when your audience is online. Facebook marketing, especially on the Maltese islands, is all about being there when your audience is. We tend to be a very opinionated bunch of people in this part of the world. As a marketer or business owner, you should take advantage of this. Use Facebook's marketing tools, such as its Business Suite and Publishing tools to understand when your audience is online. Post at those times! You can also pay attention to when people are mentioning your business online. Take this opportunity to reply...not template replies, but genuine realistic responses that the Maltese people can understand and learn from. Last but not least; interact with other people's posts. Not just to advertise your business but also to share your thoughts on different subjects (*Caution: do not get too involved in political, religious and the many other topics that tend to start hot arguments amongst people here in Malta*)

Finally...Be Human!

After two years of social distancing, people in Malta want human interaction more than ever before. Of course, there's no physical interaction in social media marketing. However, when it comes to Facebook marketing you can always show the human side of your business. You do this by, for example, sharing behind-the-scenes from your business or meet-the-team posts. You can also ask genuine questions in your stories to understand your audience's preferences. Another aspect which we mentioned earlier is, video - showing the people who make your company on video or live broadcasts can be a great hit when marketing on Facebook.

To sum up, Facebook marketing in Malta doesn't have to be difficult or very complex. Having said this, we do understand the difficulties which a business may encounter when trying to manage time and other resources. This is where BaiLogik comes in. The way we do things is simple; we have a chat with you, understand your needs AND budget and prepare a strategy around it. Get in touch on lynne@bailogik.com and let's meet for a coffee and some thoughts on social media marketing for our beloved Maltese audience!