Focus on Customer Satisfaction and Employee Involvement


Marketing is an ever evolving concept. What worked a decade ago may not work today. As the needs of consumers grow, so should your marketing strategy. No matter what strategy you go for, always remember that your employees are an essential part of what can make your business grow. Below are some trends you should follow, that will help you get to the top of the Maltese market.

Outstanding Customer Experience

Customers are always at the core of every campaign, after all it's them you want to sell to. Marketing was seen as a way of convincing a customer to buy your product, but this has  shifted. Instead of just focusing on the end goal, it is now even more important to focus on providing a great experience throughout the whole customer journey. It's not just about the efficiency of the end product but more about the whole experience from the initial meeting until they get your product, as well as exceptional after sales services.

Not only should your marketing be personalised to your target audience, but you should also find ways to listen and respond to their concerns. With all the data readily available, convincing people how good your product is, is not really necessary. People can do their own research, so providing an overall fantastic experience may tip the balance to your favor when they have to choose between your service or that of a competitor. To offer a great customer experience the following concepts are essential: Efficiency, Convenience, Knowledgeable and Friendly service, and easy payment options.

Employee Involvement and Beyond

If the whole customer experience is what sells nowadays, investing in good personnel is what will get you there. Over 46% of consumers will opt out of a purchase if employees are not knowledgeable or have bad attitudes. Your employees are the face of the company, so their interaction with your customer should be a key priority in your marketing campaign.

As a business owner, you have to build a solid foundation of employee engagement. Make sure that your employees are in line with your brand's identity and values, after all you can't expect employees to care about a customer's well being, if they are unhappy themselves. On the other hand, if you provide a happy environment for your employees, that happiness will spill over onto the customers!

Aside from a healthy environment, you want your employees to be informed and involved in any campaign, product or service you offer. You should also want to avoid having customers asking questions about products that your employees don't know about. Informed employees show confidence in what you offer and help build that buyer-seller trust.

The strategy sounds simple enough; you want your customer to have the best experience ever to ensure that they come back. In order to achieve that goal you need employees that are happy, involved and knowledgeable in order for them to provide the best customer experience possible. If you are still stuck, we are happy to help. Get in touch on