Get your YouTube Channel to the Top


YouTube has always been an essential part of any social media campaign; it happens to be the second largest search engine available on the internet. With today's hunger for short videos that stemmed from TikTok and Instagram Reels, YouTube has now introduced YouTube Shorts to stay on top of the short-form video sharing trend. This has made it more relevant than ever and will give that important boost for your marketing campaign in the Maltese Industry.

YouTube's ranking style is a complicated process, but there are simple tactics you can use to come out on top. Here's what you should do:

Start from the Basics

Always make sure that the basic information on your YouTube page is up to date. Always include your visual branding especially your logo for recognition, fill your about section, and most importantly, make sure your contact information is correct.

Identify your niche and audience

Like in any other marketing strategy you need to identify who your target audience is. Even though Malta is a small island you have to keep in mind that the content you're creating is aimed at a specific target. Therefore, you need content that caters to them.

Research for Ranking

Ranking on YouTube is a sure way for you to attract new followers; but to get ranked, research is necessary. This allows you to get inspiration for future content but it also gives you an insight into what videos work for the niche market you are pushing for. Optimize your videos to rank better, find out which hashtags to use, select the right category, customize your thumbnail image and add subtitles and closed captions.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

We cannot stress this enough, keywords are essential for your ranking. Make sure you find the right ones for you. You can 'cheat' a little, and look into the keywords that are used in the most popular videos in your niche market. Then make sure to use these keywords in your video title, tags, description and subtitles; not only does this help in your ranking, but it may also add you to the list of related videos.

Promote across all Platforms

You're going to want to leverage all of your social media strength to promote your YouTube channel. Instead of posting full videos, go for short teasers then add links to your channel. By doing so, your users can find it really easy to view the rest. Doing cross-promotion across all your social media channels adds to your followers; increasing traffic to your channel and making you more relevant.

As we mentioned earlier, the Maltese market is considerably small. However, focusing your attention on that particular niche and catering to your target audience ensures that your followers are already invested in the videos you are showing. As a result, they are more likely to view the video from beginning to end, and that is a big plus when it comes to YouTube's algorithm.

If you are not sure how to expand your YouTube content library or are looking into setting up a new channel but do not know where to start; we can help! Reach out to us on