Humanizing your Brand from the Inside Out


Everyone's wish is to be at the top, to have their business thrive, to be the brand that everyone talks about. But how does one get to that place? You have a great product or service, you are confident in what you offer, you're investing in promoting your brand.... But in order to really be that brand that everyone relates to in the Maltese market, you need to humanize it, and what better way to start than from the inside out? Here are a few tips:

Good Company Culture

Creating a good company culture is the first step in humanizing your brand. Your top management staff can help spread this to the front end staff who in turn will transmit it to your customers. Celebrate all achievements and showcase them on the socials.

Introduce More Humanized Policies

Be humble and apologize for any misgivings. More often than not we try to protect our brand image even if we are at fault and this can backfire in the long run. Instead go for sincere and heartfelt apologies. Even better than that, make sure to thank your customers often... they deserve it. Make this a part of your company policy as it will increase your customer's connection with your brand and your employees.

Be Available

Be there for your customers when they need you! If you are on your socials, make sure there is someone who is constantly replying to all those customers who are reaching out. You need to go a step above and beyond just scheduling posts.

Encourage Employees to be on Socials

Encourage your employees to be social about your brand. When they post, it gives readers the sense that your employees do care about the company. It also gives a view of the faces and personalities behind the company as well as giving you a wider reach. Up your game and post photos of your employees doing what they love, forgo the usual business attire and stiff photos that you usually find on the Teams page, go for a more casual photo, ideally one that really showcases that person's personality.

Sign your Emails with your Name

Last but not least, always sign your emails with an actual person's name. Even on email marketing campaigns, always include a real person's name in the signature, your designation and you can add a small picture too, to make a message more personal. Its good that your customers know who they are talking to.

Humanizing your brand makes your company more approachable and reliable, and there is no better guarantee at business growth than a customer's trust. If you feel like you need further help on how to implement these strategies in your company, reach out to us on We can help!