Increase Facebook Engagement for your Maltese Audience


Of all the social media marketing platforms, Facebook has been at the top of the list in Malta. Everyone is on Facebook nowadays and you cannot get a wider customer reach than this on the island. However, simply posting on your Facebook page every now and then, is not enough. With so much competition out there, Facebook Engagement is what takes you to the top of the list.

Here's how you can increase your Facebook engagement to reach a wider audience in Malta and Gozo.

The Golden Rule: Always Respond

If customers or potential ones take the time to comment on one of your posts, make sure to reply. No one likes to be ignored; if people engage on your posts it means they want you to engage with them.

What to Post and When

On Facebook, there are tons of opportunities to learn what your followers like, and which posts are a big hit. Play around with different types of content to see what generates the most engagement and focus your marketing strategy on that. Learn when your audience is active, use Facebook insights and post at times when most traffic is on your page. Be consistent with your posting, as the more content you provide the more accurate insight results are.

Use Facebook Tools

Get active in Facebook groups: 

  • create a group - a great way to get fans involved and engaged
  • join groups - another excellent way to reach people who can be interested in what you offer

 Meaningful interactions in groups can create brand loyalty and lead to increased engagement on your Facebook Page. But do not stop there! 

Another great tool provided by Facebook is the Story. This informal way of sharing content allows you to post as often as you like, without worrying about overwhelming your fans' News Feeds. Here you can be more personal and in the moment to build a stronger personal connection with followers. 

Finally, one more very useful tool is the call-to-action button.  This gives your followers more options beyond liking, sharing and commenting.

Drive Traffic to and from Other Sources

Another advantage of adding a call-to-action button is that you can use this to direct people from your page straight to your website. You can also focus on getting people who follow you from other channels to follow you on Facebook as well. The more this happens, the greater the chances of increasing engagement. 

How to Get Started

Facebook marketing to reach a Maltese audience may seem a bit daunting and time-consuming. However, the results it brings in are paramount to your marketing campaign. Most businesses in Malta and Gozo feel they do not have the time to learn/do all of this, but making that extra effort can make a big difference. If you feel that you need a helping hand with this, that's where we come in. Get in touch on and we can discuss your Facebook marketing needs for the Maltese market.