Of Over Friendly Customer Reps and Unprofessional Ones


Have you ever walked into a shop/office and wondered whether the company representative was hired thanks to a beefy bribe? Well, we have, and we are hoping to able to change this slowly as we know that it can cost business owners a lot to have employees who lack professionalism and etiquette.

So, who are the over friendly customer reps? Here's an overview:

  • Those who use pet names to address customers. Words like qalbi, hi, hanini, sabiha are unacceptable. You can only use those words if you're speaking to your children, relatives and possibly friends.

  • Those who have no concept of personal space. If you're closer than an arms length then you're breathing air which isn't yours...back off!

  • Those who feel like sharing their personal life experiences. Unless you're planning to pay your customers a psychologist's fee when you're done venting, do not bring your personal life to work.

And who are the unprofessional ones? An overview can be found below:

  • Those who have an 'I hate the world' look on their faces. You chose the job you currently have, deal with it...smile and the world will smile at you!

  • Those who would rather gossip than acknowledge your presence. If you want to chat, go to a cafe and if you have an issue with any human being, face them...gossiping will get you nowhere, except maybe fired!

  • Those who are saved by 'I don't know'. If you really don't know, make an effort to find out, and if you can't find out, make an effort to apologise for the inconvenience and provide a solution.

These are of course just a few of the lovely character we encounter on our day to day visits and calls to shops and other businesses. The problem is that very often, the big bosses aren't around to see any of this, therefore, mistakes can never be rectified. We are in no way suggesting that these people should be fired on the spot, however, if you as a business owner know what your customers face, you might be more capable of training your employees to have the right attitude at work.

If you would like consultation on unacceptable attitudes and business practices, or on how to train your employees, contact us, and we can surely help! We want the business world to be a better place for everyone.