Office Olympics - It's time to get off your office chair!!


We lead a hectic life. We never have time to do anything. We keep postponing that hair appointment, or that evening sunset walk, or going to the gym. We take care of everyone in our family....but DO WE TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES?

More often than not the answer to that question is NO. 

We have a solution to that. We at BaiLogik, together with our Fitness Partner, The Club Fitness Centre are proud to announce The Office Olympics.

What are The Office Olympics?

This is a Team Building package that has been especially designed for companies who are keen on investing in their staff's mental and physical well-being. We have made this a very flexible package to suit the needs of different organisations and different team sizes.

 2 Packages

The first option is a 3-hour fun-filled team building session that will be held outdoors (weather permitting; if not we will provide an indoor venue) and will consist of small competitions between different teams coming from the same company.

The second option is a team building week that will be organised in the following way:

Monday - A two-hour talk on Motivation

Tuesday - A two-hour talk on Employee Engagement

Wednesday - A two-hour talk on Health and Nutrition

Thursday - A two-hour talk on Mental Health Awareness

Friday - A two-hour talk on Time Management

Saturday - A three-hour fun-filled team building session (as per Option 1 above)

Would you like to have more info?

Would you like more info on how we can help you focus on YOU so that you can do your job better? Drop us a line on and we'll be more than happy to come meet you at your office.