Our Animal Campaign - Why animals? Why now?


Animals have always been a great part of us growing up - more often than not we both remember either one pet or another (sometimes even more than one), or when that was not possible, be both wanted pets at home with all our heart. And this love for animals has never ceased.

After long discussions and debates (the sisterly kind) we embarked on a new adventure called BaiLogik at the end of 2017, and we launched the website a mere few days ago at the start of 2018.

So we start by answering the first question. Why animals? Well, based on the intro to the blog post, I think it's pretty obvious. We love animals. But it doesn't just stop there. Many people love animals. Every day we see posts on social media of lost animals, or abandoned animals, or ex-pets that mysteriously end up shoved in a carton box in a field or on a pavement. These stories literally break our heart. And as much as we want to, we cannot take all of them in. So we have moved on to the next best thing. Helping those who can, and do.

Why now? As soon as we launched BaiLogik, we decided that this company is going to be the kind of organisation that gives back to society. So here's our plan of action:

On the 9th of January at precisely 1130am we launched a campaign on the Facebook Group RUBS Puppy Love, with the permission of the group's admin. And we asked the people a basic question, "In your opinion, who should benefit from 6-months worth of FREE social media advice and promotion?" The response started coming in as soon as we hit send, with more than a hundred comments in just 12 hours.

And here's what we will offer the "winner":

We will offer 6-months worth of social media advice and posts to the selected entity. This means that we will meet up with the entity that the people choose, go through their social media platforms together, see how they are using them, and see how this can be improved. Here's how we will do it:

  1. We will hold an initial meeting with the entity that is chosen by the people based on their votes, during which we will go through their social media platforms and website.

  2. Upon going home we will draft a plan for the entity with our recommended course of action.

  3. We will give the entity ongoing tips over the next 6 months as to how they can be using social media to reach more people to promote their specific cause.

How are votes being calculated?

This is something that people have been asking us and we feel it is the right thing to do to explain the process. So here it goes. The process by which the entity will be selected is that we count the comments promoting the specific entity as well as the positive reactions (likes, loves and wow emojis) supporting the specific comments. From our side, we are acknowledging the comments / votes by liking each and every one of them, however, it is important to point out that our likes and comments will NOT be counted as votes. We are also keeping track of the names and profiles of people who are voting, and by doing so we ensure that if one particular name is liking each and every single comment that gets posted in favour of Entity X, that specific profile will only be counted as one vote. That way we are trying to keep things as fair as possible.

When will the chosen entity be announced?

The people's chosen entity will get announced on Monday afternoon. But before that, every day, we will be posting updates (starting today in the afternoon) of how the people are voting. Voting closes on Sunday evening.

Once the selected entity is announced, we will get in touch with them, set a meeting and get going.

We will continue to keep you updated with the process, of course :)

As a point of conclusion, we just want to point out that this will not be a one-time thing. Some people have been suggesting that we should help all the entities, and it is our aim to try and help as many of them as possible. However, we have to be realistic. We are a start-up :) And if we want to do things right, which we do, we cannot take on more than we can chew. So our pledge is that we will help as many organisations as possible, be it the more famous ones, as well as the ones who work silently.

Peace and Love :)

Ben & Lynne