Professional Business Writing


We are living in a multicultural and multilingual society and this also translates into the workforce. As more and more people need to communicate with each other on a daily basis, using various media and platforms, the need for improved business writing skills is growing further.

What does Professional Business Writing entail?

As a linguist and English teacher for many years, my first instinct would be to say the right level of formality. There is a very thin line between writing in a kind of English that is professional and formal and adequate, and writing a kind of English that sounds downright rude, out of context and just wrong. What this means is that the way you write emails, reports, documents etc. can make all the difference between retaining a job and losing it; or between sealing the deal with a new client and losing them. It is THAT important.

Professional Business Writing also involves having a text that flows and is interesting to read. Sometimes we tend to associate business writing with boring texts, however, texts are only boring if we make them so. There are ways and means and techniques that one can use in order to make business texts interesting.

Building a presentation

Building a presentation also involves a strong element of writing. It is the balance between what to write and what to leave out. When preparing for a presentation it is highly important to keep in mind that your audience will pay particular attention to what you say and how you say it....and this generally leads to a lot of stress.

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