Recruitment: Every Company's Nightmare!


Images such as the one above have become a dream (or a nightmare given by how rare they are) for various companies and organisations locally and internationally. In fact, one of the things that companies have issues with these days is specifically recruitment. We often hear phrases such as "It's an employee's market out there" or "The workforce has totally changed"....and such phrases are correct.

However, the thing is that HR departments still need to recruit people in order to fill in any vacant spots their company might have. How can you, as an HR member of staff who's responsible for recruitment, improve employer branding? How can you ensure that you are attracting the right talent to your company?

Fortunately, the answer is not as impossible as one might originally think it is.

  1. Have the right social media channels for your business - candidates, especially millenials, do check your Facebook page and your LinkedIn account. They see if you have a presence on Instagram or Twitter.
  2. Be present and constant on these channels - if there is one thing that a potential employee hates is to go to a company's Facebook page and find that the last post is from 3 weeks ago. People don't want to work in companies where nothing happens for 3 weeks.
  3. Build brand advocacy on your social media channels - Nothing is stronger or more effective than word of mouth. A potential employee expects your company to be perfectly-presented on your website, however, they get a more realistic impression of what truly goes on from your social media channels. If your employees and your current workforce are engaged enough to tag themselves in company photos, to comment about how great yesterday's team building event was...then they are going to attract the right employees like a magnet!