RMJ's Horse Rescue - How can you help?


1. When and how did RMJ start? 

RMJ started around 2 years ago. Previously I used to rescue one horse, rehabilitate it and then find it a home personally. Through social media and word of mouth people started finding out what I was doing and started contacting me themselves rather than me looking for a horse to rescue. Things grew very fast and suddenly every horse being sent for slaughter or neglected was made aware to us. 

2. How many horses do you have now? 

We usually have around 7 NGO horses with 2 being permanent and the rest to eventually be re-homed. 

3. Why do these horses come to you? 

Majority of horses are ex-racehorses who have finished from their racing career. They are in the most part young and healthy just no longer performing well on the track. They are replaced by newly imported horses for racing so they face slaughter if no alternative home is found.

There are also abandoned and neglected horses which are hidden away from sight. Many of these are a result of backyard breeding. 

4. What are the most difficult aspects you encounter on a daily basis? 

On a daily basis the most difficult thing would be having to deal with such a large number of calls and knowing that if we are to refuse them they will be sent off for slaughter. We also have to make the difficult decision to sometimes refuse horses which are difficult to re-home even though these would need our help the most. 

We are also constantly battling irresponsible people who believe that a horse can be taken on and gotten rid of like an object rather than a living animal. 

5. How can people help? 

People can help by donating, fostering, adopting, organising fundraising events and volunteering. 

6. Can people adopt any of these horses and what's the process? 

We always have horses up for adoption. People interested can get in touch with us and usually they visit the place and we can discuss with them what is involved in adopting a horse. There are many options available even for those who do not have the facilities to keep a horse at home or to look after it daily. 

Contact: https://www.facebook.com/RMJHorseRescue/ or rmjhorserescue@gmail.com