Social Media Marketing Dos & Don'ts


Social media has become a requirement for any Maltese business. In fact, in today's digital age, not being present on any channels, risks rendering your company obsolete. However, simply being present, with all the competition out there, is not enough. Do not fret though, follow our dos and don'ts, to get ahead of the Maltese social media market.

What to do:

Be consistent - Make sure that through your content and social media strategy you stay consistent with your brand image, identity and values. This helps build trust and foster lifelong customers.

Set a Plan - Good content quality, takes time and effort. Planning ahead helps you save time. Set a few hours once per week dedicated to social media, brainstorm, get your content ready and schedule your posts. This will ensure consistency.

Create Measurable Goals - Goals can measure how well your social media strategy is performing. Moreover, when measuring these, you'll be able to identify your target audience.

Be engaging - In today's world simply scheduling posts is not enough. Activity and engagement are crucial for every social platform to build a positive brand experience. This in turn helps your company develop meaningful relationships with new and potential future customers.

What not to do:

Don't rely on Just One Platform - The competition is fierce out there and your audiences may be spread on other platforms than the one you use. You don't have to be available on all social platforms, but with a little research you can find out which are the ones most practical for your company.

Don't Be Too Hard on Selling - Social media marketing is not about hard-selling, but about allowing new people to discover your brand and what you do.

Don't Use Generic Marketing Techniques - The techniques that are good for one company might not be for the next. Using generic techniques may risk alienating your audience while using more personal ones makes you more relatable.

Don't Be Pushy - Being pushy is never an answer, people do not respond well to that. In fact, you may risk losing some of your audience with that technique.

Still confused about what to do and what not to do with your social media marketing? Reach out to us on; we can help you!