Social Media Marketing Tips


Social Media Marketing

Brands, both new and well-established, are using social media marketing to grow their following, generate leads and increase their sales. Although it might seem overwhelming to build a brand using social media, there is no better way to connect with people and grow organically. Here are some tips we recommend to make the most out of Social Media Marketing.

Brainstorm Content Ideas

Content marketing can be an extremely effective tool for growing a business, however, if it's not high quality, it might have the opposite effect. Creative articles and content topics are essential to high-quality content, however, thinking of a variety of creative topics week after week can be extremely challenging and time-consuming for business marketers. One thing that your marketing team can do to aid in the process of generating creative content topics, is to engage in a powerful and effective brainstorming session; putting more heads together can generate more ideas.

Create Great Social Content

Content is key to social media marketing. Whichever platform you are using, content should be educational and engaging to your audience. Each social media platform has a unique approach to its users, which means you'll have to create a strategy that will ensure engagement across all platforms.

Be consistent in posting whether it's images, written materials, company news, or invitations to events. Create a social media schedule to help you produce and post on your social platforms as frequently as you can.

Be Constant with Your Brand Image

Visual Branding is a must, in your social media marketing campaign. It helps grab attention, engage viewers, encourage recall, establish a unique persona and communicate with consistency. This can be done through

  • Colour: using the same brand colours within your posts, makes people associate such colours with your company. Remember that your colour palette is a unique and notable aspect of your company, so show it off as much as you can to help nurture a brand persona.

  • Fonts act as visual cues to convey emotion and set the tone - selecting the perfect font style for your brand is important as these emotions will translate to your social media followers, directing them to form unique associations between their feelings and your brand.

  • Templates refer to the layout of elements in the images you post - placing elements of the photo in specific places and staying consistent with each new post, not only makes your posts more recognizable, but it is also a more time-efficient way to create images for a social media campaign.

  • Imagery: while fonts, colours and templates all add to the overall imagery of your posts, you must also focus on steady imagery when it comes to filters. Using the same filters on images helps bring them together to reinforce the brand identity.

Use for Content Promotion 

Once your content is created, you need to get in front of as many people as possible for it to make an impact. Content promotion may include pay-per-click advertising, paid ads, boosted posts, influencer outreach, PR or email marketing. A strong content promotion strategy will include a multi-channel approach.

Share Links

Social media is a cost-effective tool that can help drive traffic to your site, boost brand awareness, and improve your SEO. Sharing links through your social platforms can boost engagement, expand your reach, improve search engine optimization (SEO), and enhance your brand's marketing efforts.

Track Competitors

Monitoring your competitors' content efforts is an essential step in developing your own content marketing strategy. When tracking your competitors you can analyze what works for them and what doesn't. This enables you to gain insights into the type of content your audience might also respond to and the broader needs and demands within your niche.

How can we help:

If you need help in tackling your Social Media Marketing strategy, get in touch with us to discuss your needs. We help businesses by being an extension of their departments to aid with content creation and consultation. BaiLogik also helps employees learn how best to handle social media channels. By doing so, you can become more independent when managing your marketing campaigns.