Staying in touch with Partners and Clients during the Pandemic


1. Drop them a line

Just because your office is currently closed, doesn't mean that you stop communicating with industry partners. Right now everyone is likely feeling lost, so a simple email or call or message goes a long way in making people feel special....and we all LOVE that! 

2. Keep them updated through your socials

Just because your office is currently closed, doesn't mean that your social media activity needs to be on pause. This is your chance to focus on throwbacks, on your mission and vision statements, on student / client testimonials, on upcoming projects and courses that you are launching once this is all over....etc. 

3. Communicate with them through a webinar

At BaiLogik we have just launched a new service to help industry partners stay in touch and keep each other updated with what they are doing and how they are preparing for the post-covid steps. It is a 30-minute live webinar that reaches thousands of industry partners at one go. Contact us for more info.

4. Stay in touch through your blog and through content creation

Any form of content is good. Make sure your blog is up to date,and that it is up to date with relevant information that your readers can relate to. Make sure that your social media is up to date with, pretty much, the same kinds of posts.