Staying on top of social media trends in 2023 (Part 1)


We've said this time and time again; social media is an ever-changing platform and trends come and go. That is why keeping up with all the upcoming trends will help you stay on that top tier longer. It's no secret that everyone is now on social media, so how do you make sure to stay on top of trends and reach your target audience? That's where we come in. Here are some pointers.

Focus more on original content

In 2022 copying and pasting was a huge hit, from using trending audio and adding your photos or artwork to it, to mimicking other verbal audios and re-enacting a scene. In 2023 the flow is going towards a more original and raw form of content. It looks like longer vlogs, no frills conversations and a raw form of storytelling is what your strategy should aim for. If you are still into the original audio trend, don't worry, it's not entirely out the window yet - maybe you just have to find a way to give it a more original spin off to stand out from the multitude of copycats out there.

Hook, Line and Sinker

Another popular trend that is on the rise is the non-linear storytelling trend. Instead of starting off a story from beginning to end, keep the viewers guessing. Start from the middle, or stop your video right before the climax, or post photos with captions that will leave them thinking. Keep your viewers on their toes, they will delve deeper to find out what is going on and to find out how the story ends.

User-generated content

People on social media are flocking to brands that have user generated content every day. Several surveys are showing that brands who have more content that is generated by their users pushes viewers to purchase more from them. What some brands are doing is paying content creators to come up with user generated inspired content.

Gated or Exclusive Content

While this is still a niche area on social media it seems to be on the rise in 2023. Some brands have areas where users need to subscribe in order to view rather than just following the page or account. This niche area is more aimed at those brands seeking a deeper connection with their subscribers, while users who hate the idea of 'suggested content' that is thrown at them and will, therefore, flow to these gated areas for a more exclusive view.

Following up on these trends not only helps you stay relevant within the industry, but it will also help increase your viewership and followers, ultimately increasing the numbers of people who know about you, which, after all, is the ultimate goal of Social Media. Follow us next week for more trends of 2023.