Staying on top of social media trends in 2023 (Part 2)


Last week we spoke about the latest Social Media Trends of 2023 and about how important it is to stay on top of these to remain relevant in the highly competitive area that is social media. Today we are going to focus on more platform-specific trends and how you can benefit from implementing them. Here's what you have to do.

Short form video content and YouTube

Short form video content is still a big hit, in fact YouTube introduced the YouTube Shorts as part of their package and for those of you with a range of long form videos on your channels, YouTube Shorts is the ideal platform to promote them. Give viewers a snippet of what they can get from subscribing to your channel and they will soon flock there to see the full range of videos you offer.

AI is not a thing of the future anymore

When thinking about AI (Artificial Intelligence) we somehow think of something that is far in the future. Wrong. It is here now. TikTok effects offer a range of AI inspired backgrounds and filters. They even have the option of generating a background based on what you type in. Nothing may replace originality when it comes to content, however, we are sure to see more of these in the coming months.

LinkedIn is gaining momentum

LinkedIn is trending again and that is because of organic engagement. Users are finally branching out and adding a touch of personality to their LinkedIn posts making them more approachable. Let's face it, what better platform is there to showcase what an expert you are in your field than on a platform that is solely aimed at industry professionals. It's also a good way to get those business to business conversations going.

Keywords & SEO are not just for Google

Some of you may think that setting the right keywords and updating your SEO strategy is something that is solely related to your website and how to better rank it on Google. That is not the case anymore. While it is important to keep your website relevant on Google, more and more users are flocking to social media platforms to search for brands and products. The general feel is that these platforms are where they can find more explanatory videos for them to learn more on your brand as well as the much loved honest reviews. This means that your primary target should be to update your content with relative keywords in order to stand out in searches.

Now is the time to focus on your Social Media Strategy for 2023. More and more users are flocking to social media to find out more about brands and to do their own research, so let's make sure your content is what they see and go to.