The Benefits of Instagram Analytics


Instagram popularity is ever increasing, especially in the Maltese market, with plenty of people flocking to it to make purchasing decisions. While being on the platform is a great step in the right direction, as you increase the chances of attracting new target audiences, you need to know that all the effort you are putting into it is worth your while. You can find that out through Instagram Analytics, better known as Insights.

Who is your Audience?

Through Instagram insights, you can find out who your audience is, their age, gender, and location. Through this data, you can know who is interested in your content and your brand, you can determine if there are new audience types emerging; and most of all, knowing who is following you can help you create content that is specifically catered to them for more engagement.

Is your Audience Engaging with your Content?

Just having a presence on the platform is not enough, your main goal is to engage with your audience. Not only does this give them a sense of appreciation and a connection with your brand, but it also increases the chances of your content being seen by those who don't follow you yet. Likes and comments determine your reach and also help you determine which content has produced more engagement, so you can reproduce similar content.

Which are the most successful posts?

Tapping into each individual post you have can get a lot of important data. Aside from likes and comments, you can also access interactions that show you your profile visits and clicks, as well as impressions and accounts reached. This also lets you know which content works best for you and which doesn't, and it also gives you insight into what your Instagram content strategy should be.

If your business already has an Instagram account, go ahead and give these insights a try and see your follower numbers increase. If you get stuck or if you are looking into creating an Instagram account but are not sure what steps to take, reach out to us at, we can help.