The Importance of Facebook Analytics


Facebook, for businesses, is not simply a social platform but an essential marketing tool. This tool not only helps you engage with your customers, while allowing you to give them an inside view of your company, but it also helps you track who your followers are and more importantly what their behaviours are. While Malta is a small country, making use of the data Facebook provides can help you narrow down your marketing efforts to reach those crowds that are more likely to purchase from you. Let's take a look at the tools you should use:

Facebook Page Insights:

This is the ideal tool to measure all the metrics that relate to any campaigns that you are running through your Facebook business page. Metrics you can analyse through this tool are Engagement, Reach, Impressions and Page Views, through these tools you can work out which posts are more successful with your audience, so you can repeat similar posts for more success. Even better, through this tool you can also find out when there is the most traffic on your Facebook page and the best times for you to post for maximum reach and interaction.

Facebook Audience Insights:

Learning about your audience is essential to running any business; who your audience is may affect the products or services you offer, but most importantly, knowing who you are aiming your marketing efforts at, is the start of any marketing campaign. Audience insights can help you learn just that, from age to gender and geographical location. Using these in Facebook ads can help make sure that your target audience is reached.

Facebook Video Analytics:

It's no secret that video content is one of the most engaging forms in social media, since the emergence of TikTok and then Instagram reels, video content as we know it has changed and now encompasses viewers of all generations. Through Video Analytics you can monitor the ongoing impact of your most dynamic visual content. Metrics such Video Engagement, Audience Retention, Video Views, and Video Reach can help you determine which videos are more successful than others and where you should put more effort.

Facebook Ad Analytics:

Looking for that extra boost? Engaging in Facebook advertising from time to time is essential to reaching out to those who do not follow you yet. Like any advertising campaign, you need to analyse the results to determine whether it was successful or not. Advertising on Facebook comes with its own set of analytics, from Click-Through rate, which is the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown, Cost-per-Click, and Cost-per-Thousand Impressions. When comparing this data with other analytics, such as audience and page analytics and traffic on your website, you can determine the success vs. cost of said campaign.

Facebook can be a great addition to your digital marketing campaigns, you can reach a wide audience through the platform. Making use of these free analytic tools will give your campaign that extra boost. Not only do these insights help you give direction to your campaign, but throughout the whole process you can find out what is working in your favour and what isn't, allowing you to adjust for the best return on investment.