Using Instagram for your Audience in Malta & Gozo


If you want your social media marketing strategy to be effective, it's not just a matter of having a profile on a social platform and posting random content. To be successful a little bit of work is involved. Instagram's influence is growing in the Maltese market and with all the competition out there you must be at the top of your game. Here's how you can make sure that you make the most out of the Instagram account for your business in Malta or Gozo.

Know your Audience

With over 1 billion users on Instagram, this is essential. Use Instagram's demographic analysis Under "Insights" > "Audience". Here, you can see some vital statistics about your existing followers including their age range, gender and location.

Set Smart Goals

Goals are a trivial part of any campaign. Set targets then work on how to get there through a publishing schedule. Goals can include reaching your first 1k followers; on Instagram the number of followers is important, the more followers you have the more likely that your posts will be commented on or liked, increasing your visibility. Having your own Brand hashtag helps you be more identifiable as well.

Measure Performance

The Insights section not only helps you identify your audience but is also a great tool to analyze how your posts or campaigns are doing. Analyze what posts are engaging customers the most, see what content works and what doesn't; base your future posts on that data to increase engagement.

Enhance Profile through Highlights

Highlights are the perfect opportunity for your company to tell its brand story; with it adding longevity to the stories you post, make the most of it with something you know the audience will look for... As always in any marketing strategy 'Location is Key' and Highlights have the prime location on your profile.

Update your Bio

Keeping your bio basic seems to be the current trend among big brands. Think of a quick, witty, and fun message to get your brand voice across; add offers or features from time to time. Your ultimate goal is to get that blue checkmark via Instagram verification for more credibility.

Run Paid Adverts

Instagram ads are a user-friendly way to increase your reach and showcase your brand to a new audience. Your goal on Instagram is to always increase the number of followers and this method guarantees you reach audiences that are otherwise hard to get at.

Try an Influencer Partnership

Influencers, thanks to their huge reach, have the ability to extend brand exposure and raise brand awareness. Working with them helps drive their followers to your brand thus increasing more visibility to your brand and helping build meaningful online conversations about it.

Create Contests or Giveaways

Who doesn't love free stuff?! These giveaways can garner unprecedented attention to your business. Instagram contests and giveaways result in an increase in social media engagement, increase of followers, and attraction of new customers.

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