Visiting the Gozo SPCA


Saturday started off slightly early for us. After a bumpy (and delayed) return to Malta following a work trip due to the wild Beast from the East, and its intention to freeze the whole of Europe, we got on the ferry at the crack of dawn and made our way to Gozo to visit Mark Thorogood and the team at the Gozo SPCA.

Upon arriving we were greeted by Queeny and Zeus - the two medium-sized dogs who are around 18 months old and are currently looking for a forever loving home. Opposite the building used by the Gozo SPCA there is also a small cat village for the cats in the area.

As we were talking with Mark we found out the team does a magnificent job rehoming dogs and cats around Malta and Gozo throughout the year. In fact, he quoted a success rate of 90% which is truly magnificent! That means that 90% of the animals that are rehomed, would have found a forever home. And ALL the animals who go to Gozo SPCA do manage to find a home eventually. 

They only manage to achieve this success thanks to their hard work and dedication towards these animals. And this brings us to the reason behind our feature today. Animal sanctuaries mostly run on donations and the generosity of the rest of us...and it is thanks to us that these kind-hearted people manage to continue saving hundreds of abandoned animals, whose fate would otherwise be far from a happy-ending.

So here's how we can help:

  • Donations, Donations, Donations - Money makes the world go round, and your donation will certainly help to make the world continue turning for these beautiful creatures at the Gozo SPCA. You can visit their Facebook Page here and click on the blue donate button. You can also donate via sms starting from as little as just over 1 EURO!! What are you waiting for? They need you!
  • Rehoming - Money does make the world go round, but Love conquers all things. And if you are willing, have the time, and want to be rewarded with heaps of love and plenty of pet kisses (not to mention loyalty and friendship), then pay a visit to the Gozo SPCA and see whether you wish to give one of their residents a home. 
  • Food Donations - You can also help by donating food to the organisation. Give Val or Mark a call on 99216815 if you wish to make a Food Donation.
  • Last but not least, vouchers for neutering. The centre has to pay to neuter hundreds of cats and dogs every year. You can call the number given in the bullet point above to express an interest in helping in this way. This option is especially ideal for those people who live in areas in Gozo where there are plenty of cats who keep reproducing. A  neutering voucher can help to stop this issue in an animal-friendly way.

Hesitate no more!! Helping might cost you a few Euros today, but you will certainly be changing someone's life for the better!