Why Marketing AND Team Building?


"Why do you offer both Marketing and Team Building at BaiLogik?" This is a question I get asked a lot. What is the connection between the two services?

Our first response is always "Why not?" We firmly believe that a company should be an extension of its owners and founders and this is exactly what BaiLogik is, which then brings me to my next point.

A more logical explanation would be that, to Lynne and myself, there is indeed a common denominator between the two services that we offer...and an important one at that - PEOPLE. People are at the centre of Marketing. In my years of lecturing on Marketing, one of the things I always told my students is that they can get the best lessons in Marketing by observing those around them closely; because through observation they will get to the very core and foundation of what Marketing is.

What do people want? How do they communicate? What is the customer journey they've embarked on? These are the questions you need to be asking as opposed to, what do I think people want? What channels do I want them to use to communicate?

The latter two questions are exactly what goes wrong when companies' marketing campaigns are not successful. Quite frankly they would be forgetting to listen actively to life around and they fail to observe.

Having people at the core of every corporate decision that you make as a business leader, also means that you learn to be attentive to your employees' needs, and sometimes this goes beyond having a fancy coffee machine in the office.

In conclusion, at BaiLogik we believe that people are at the core of every business and for companies to be successful they have to understand people - both the ones they have in their offices, and also those who make use of their products and services.