We are living in a multicultural and multilingual society and this also translates into the workforce. As more and more people need to communicate with each other on a daily basis, using various media and platforms, the need for improved business writing skills is growing further.

Saturday started off slightly early for us. After a bumpy (and delayed) return to Malta following a work trip due to the wild Beast from the East, and its intention to freeze the whole of Europe, we got on the ferry at the crack of dawn and made our way to Gozo to visit Mark Thorogood and the team at the Gozo SPCA....

Have you ever walked into a shop/office and wondered whether the company representative was hired thanks to a beefy bribe? Well, we have, and we are hoping to able to change this slowly as we know that it can cost business owners a lot to have employees who lack professionalism and etiquette.

As soon as we parked our car we were greeted by a parade of wagging tails and excited dogs who came running towards the fence that separated us from them. Some were more excited than other....but I guess we were the most excited of all! Never in our lives had we seen so many dogs in one place. At that...

Out there in the real world, there seem to be mixed feelings about selling one's product or service using social media. And more often than not the reason for this can be placed into one of three categories:

We launched our "Select your Animal Entity" campaign exactly one week ago. You had one week during which to vote by commenting or leaving positive feedback (we only counted the positive feedback as votes)...and you did....176 times to be exact.

Animals have always been a great part of us growing up - more often than not we both remember either one pet or another (sometimes even more than one), or when that was not possible, be both wanted pets at home with all our heart. And this love for animals has never ceased.