Creating a Social Media Content Calendar - Part 2


In our previous article, we discussed how one can start working on setting up their social media content plan. We focused on how to choose the best social platforms and how to create a rough plan of the content and how to proceed. In this second part, we will focus more on how businesses in Malta can plan the actual content distribution to put their strategy into motion.

Check your Resources

Before moving forward, your first step is to analyze your own media library; images, videos and any other content readily available in one place. That way, when planning and scheduling your posts, you don't waste time looking through various folders to get to the right content. Also within this stage, you will get an idea of what your resources are and whether you need to focus on getting more media, ready.

Decide on Post Frequency

Once you have your media library all set up, you can start focusing on the frequency of your posts. Up to this point, you know what your resources are, what media you already have and how much time you are willing to spend on creating more media. This will also be determined by how often you want to post on your social media channels.

Prep your Posts

The next step is an obvious one. It is time to start putting all the content you have in posts. Here is where content planners come in. When planning, make sure that there is consistency. You can plan week by week or month by month. This should be a task you factor into your to-do list in order to dedicate enough time to it.

Gather Information

The final and very important step is to get peer reviews and gather insights from all your socials. It is always recommendable to get your team to review your work before you start scheduling. That way you ensure that your message is clear and based on what your audience likes.

Social Media Strategy Help

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