Humanize Your Brand and Be more Relatable


We have spoken about the importance of humanizing your brand before. However, we cannot stress the relevance of this enough. You can have a great product and a great marketing strategy and sure you can get by on that. But making your brand relatable is the extra step that makes sure your company is on everyone's lips (or social media feed) in Malta.

Set the Tone for your Brand

Make sure it's a personal and relatable one. You can have professional content that showcases how good you are at what you do while still incorporating a fun, caring, or engaging tone. In order to build trust and credibility make sure you pass on your knowledge in an approachable and human way.

Speak your Audience's Language

No one wants to hear corporate jargon or sales pitches! People want knowledge, so speak clearly. If you focus on B2B make sure your content is educational and highlights what their benefits are. If you are B2C make sure your language strikes that emotional chord. The better you are at learning your consumers' language, the more approachable and "human" you'll become.

Bring Humour in

You can get your point across really well with clear, concise content. But when you add a little humour you are adding personality and maybe even delighting your readers.

Offer Resources

Instead of going for the, 'in your face, sales approach, focus on offering resources to your readers. Give your viewers something of value, without pushing your sales spiel. In turn, it's them who will seek you out for more information. It can be in the form of a how-to blog or industry case studies; at this stage, it is more about building a relationship with your viewers rather than making the actual sale. Focus on showcasing how you can be of benefit to your users rather than showcasing your company; make it about them.


Engagement is essential nowadays. Do so through comments, likes, shares, and comments. This gives your customers the sense that you care about their opinion and you are willing to listen to what they have to say. Venture outside your usual topics once in a while- it makes people feel more comfortable being themselves around your brand.

Humanizing your brand and being approachable should be at the core of the company. It shouldn't just be a mask you put on to increase your sales, but the actual culture of your business. If you want to know more about how to get there, reach out to us on We can help!