Jumping on the Blog Wagon - Blog Posts Tips


Creating and maintaining a company blog has become an essential part of any business, especially in Malta! It might seem overwhelming, but with some tips and tricks to follow you are sure to manage it well. 

Apart from it helping your website come up in Google searches with the help of SEO and cleverly-put keywords, it helps your customers keep up with all the changes and updates within your company, as well as gives them an insight into what you are all about.

But posting random stuff in your blog, or only posting once in a while may backfire; so here are a few tips and tricks for you to get organized:

Idea Generation

Before diving in at the deep end, like in any other marketing strategy, planning is essential. You have to decide what type of content you want to push out there. Whether there are any themes or opinion pieces that you associate with. Keep in mind that a blog is a great way of keeping your customers informed, so including announcements, even some unrelated events happening on the Maltese islands, would be a good idea.  

Content Types

Some people think that a blog is just a quick article with a few sporadic images; however, it is more than that. There are a lot of options you can go for when choosing how you want to project what you're saying to your customers. There are various options from articles to lists, Q&A interviews, testimonials and infographics. You do not need to settle on just one as you can vary throughout your blog. All this depends on the subject you want to focus on. Some content types may be better suited than others.

Choose your Authors

While you should always have that one person that takes care of the blog and its logistics; you can have more than one author. Check which employees are more likely to add some content pieces. Keep in mind that having diversity will show the authenticity of your brand and blog. This also helps showcase the human side of your organization and helps your customers relate to you more.

Blog Management

As we mentioned in our previous tip, it is always ideal to have that one person in charge of the blog. Their job will not simply be for them to upload items on it but determine the topics and if needed get a sign-off from the management side for this. This person will be deciding who would be best at writing on the chosen topic and most importantly determine when the deadlines are and chase people accordingly.

Distribution & Assessment

Now that the blog content is set up, it is now important for you to spread that blog throughout other channels. You may need to tweak each entry a bit depending on which social platform you are going to share it on. You may need to create a more visual aid for these and link it all back to your blog and website. Another important task is to take an assessment of each entry's performance, as this will help you determine what works with your followers and what doesn't and you can focus your content on the more successful ones in the future.

Planning is always the best strategy when it comes to blogs and other social media. Content calendars not only help you visualize your post; they will help you get organized and stick to deadlines. Ideally, these content calendars are accessible to other members of your company, that way you can make sure that all the entries are in line with any campaigns your company is producing. If you still feel overwhelmed about how to get started on blogging reach out to us on lynne@bailogik.com - We Can Help!