We even went on Live TV!!


Yesterday evening, for the first time, Lynne and I were invited on the programme Animal Diaries, hosted by Moira Delia. 

Not only was it fun and a great experience, but it was lovely to be able to share our idea on TV with all the programme's followers!! 

Our campaign has almost come to an end and in 24 hours time we shall be announcing the winner of our 6-month Social Media Advice sponsorship. As explained in previous blog postshere's what we will offer the "winner":

We are giving the entity that gets the largest number of votes from the Maltese public, 6-months worth of social media advice. This means that we will meet up with the entity that the people choose, go through their social media platforms together, see how they are using them, and see how this can be improved. Here's how we will do it:

  1. We will hold an initial meeting with the entity that is chosen by the people based on their votes, during which we will go through their social media platforms and website.

  2. Upon going home we will draft a plan for the entity with our recommended course of action.

  3. We will give the entity ongoing tips over the next 6 months as to how they can be using social media to reach more people to promote their specific cause.

So keep voting for the last few hours to tell who should be the one entity to benefit from this! :)